Midsummer plans

Fashion,22 June 2018

Came back home last night and I really have to say, travelling by train isn’t a bad idea. Love that there is a children’s corner where kids who don’t appreciate to sit still for a minute can move freely. Since I don’t like to drive and try to compensate all the flying our family do for work, I prefer to always think of more environmentally friendly ways to travel. Train is cozy and super calming.

On the schedule today, we have a busy day ahead. One playdate after another. The weather looks exactly as it should, cold and rainy. Comforting to see the tradition continues ;). Think I have to wear jeans today for the first time in forever.

What are you up to this midsummer? It’s very empty downtown as always. A bit lonely, but nice at the same time. 

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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