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Fashion,Health,Outfit,10 August 2018

Hoito saatu ilmaiseksi Blue Lagoonilta// Treatment sponsored

Yesterday, I spent my work day doing what I usually do, a mix between all kinds of things, but with an unusual touch of luxury. In the middle of the day, I treated myself with lymphatic massage at the Blue lagoon beauty salon. I’ve always loved lymphatic massage, since I have sensitive legs that easily get bloated and restless. Travelling and sitting still, is the worst for my legs, but also the heat. I thought I’d share my experiences with lymphatic massage (also known as lymphatic drainage), since I think it can be very useful, but find this method of treatment quite unknown/uncommon here in Finland.

The first time I tried lymphatic massage was when I was pregnant with my first born. I was extremely bloated and my legs were aching, although I worked out a lot and tried to stay very active. Why lymphatic massage is beneficial, is because the massage is designed to boost circulation of fluids and to help toxins and wastes get out of the body faster. Perfect now, after a long super hot summer! It also makes your circulation of fluid much more efficient and boosts the immune system.

I love lymphatic massage because I feel like it flushes out my entire body and I sometimes even feel like I get more energy afterwards. It’s perfect for aching or swollen legs, cellulite, boosts energy and it’s also good for the skin. It’s perfect for re-starts into trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle. I highly recommend this form of massage if you feel swollen and want to get a little help on the way to flush that out.

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  • Lisa

    Sofia, thank you for the tip!

    I have been looking for a lympha massage since my surgery recovery few years back. In spite of the local recovery for my knee I did feel better then overall.

    Just booked the 30 min time for Monday. Fingers crossed. Just a pity they do not have this treatment in Espoo as well…

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