Lipstick On

Beauty,27 December 2017

I’ve done many interviews about my style, beauty products and haircare. One thing that repeatedly comes up is my thoughts on perfumes and my personal scent. I usually leave that question blank since my relationship with scents has been rather unclear.

There’s been times when the slightest scent of perfume has made me feel ill and irritated (pregnancy and first baby year). It’s been so bad that I’ve found myself having to prepare myself mentally for a friend coming over to visit, because I know she/he wears strong perfume.

Now when I’ve stopped breast feeding it’s like I’ve entered a new world! I enjoy all kinds of things I normally don’t and believe it or not, but my sweet tooth has been more or less tamed. After realizing that my nose can handle scents again I’ve been on a search for a bottle that feels like me. The problem is that I like many different kinds, but I get tired of them really fast.

A couple of weeks ago I attended Maison Margiela’s release of their wide line of scents that smell more like beautiful memories than perfume. My top three are Lazy Sunday Morning that smells like warm and clean sheets, Beach Walk with a hint of sun lotion and golden skin and my favorite- Lipstick. This bottle has become My scent. I won’t leave home without smelling like it. It smells exactly like a bag of makeup and lipstick. It’s soft, but not too sweet and makes each ordinary day more special. I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with this line. It carries scents for men, women and unisex. Have you tried these yet? let me know what you think!


  • Kaisa

    Kiitos vinkistä Sofia. Olipa kiinnostavaa kuulla tästä Maison Margielan tuoksuperheestä. Enpä tiennytkään heidän uudesta lanseerauksesta ja aluevaltauksesta. Osaatko vinkata, mistä kyseisiä tuoksuja voi ostaa? Minäkin olen ollut jo pitkään vailla “omaa tuoksua” ja olisi ihana vihdoin löytää se. Yleensä kun kyllästyn helposti perustuoksuihin. Eniten olen käyttänyt Burberryn, Lacosten ja Marc jacobsin tuoksuja, mutta nyt olisi aika jollekin ihan uudelle. Uusi vuosi – uusi tuoksu!

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Hei! Tuo uusi vuosi-uusi tuoksu on juuri mitä itsekin ajattelen varsinkin, kun tuoksut niin vahvasti kiinnittyvät muistoihin.Tuoksuja saa Stockmannilta!

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