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Fashion,Outfit,31 August 2018

Hi darlings! My feet are still aching from fashion week, but today it’s time for the next event; Gloria Fashion Show 2018. I’m hosting an event all day today for a small group of special guests, together with my partner KappAhl. It’s going to be a fun day, and I’m sure it will be relaxed and chill. Nevertheless, I feel like wearing nothing but slippers and a robe all day today, but I’m going to squeeze my feet into the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I own because my dress kind of requires this exact pair. Tomorrow morning at 8 am we’re driving for the next occasion, a wedding. Finally, some family time, I’m so excited! Sitting in a car for hours has kind of become our date time, especially if the kids are napping. It’s the perfect time to talk without getting interrupted.

On Tuesday I’m off for travels again. Life is hectic right now, but I’m used to it already. This is how my work life has looked like more or less all my life. You got to strike while the iron is hot and trust that time will balance it out eventually.

 coat busnel// dress vintage// boots by malene birger// headband glitter// louis vuitton

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  • Anna

    Moikka :) Mitä huulipunaa ja luomiväriä sulla on tässä kuvassa? Mulla olis myös postaustoiveena sun tän hetkiset kosmetiikkalempparit ja luonnollisen meikkipohjan tekeminen :) Kiitos!

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