Life and heaven

Fashion,Outfit,17 July 2016

This weekend has been both happy and extremely sad. A dear colleague of mine has passed away way too early. Last time I saw her she was healthy, vibrant and full of sunshine. Now she’s gone. It feels unreal and very sad. My heart goes out to her family and husband.

I feel like I need to escape to the country side again to get some peace of mind. Even though it’s calm and quiet around me, I can’t seem to wind myself down. It feels like we are stuck in a spiral of bed news which puts me in a funk.

Thankfully my children are clueless of what’s going on in the world, therefore I try to shut everything else out and focus on them and other everyday chores.  Although it’s easier said than done. Today I’m hoping to uplift myself with the best medicine of all. A wonderful Sunday brunch in the greatest company. Hope you’ve had a beautiful weekend. Let’s enjoy every minute.

IMG_2259 IMG_2335 IMG_2284 IMG_2279-4 IMG_2315 IMG_2294

jacket samsoe// skirt and top hm// shoes adidas (gifted)//bag louis vuitton// sunglasses celine 

Pictures by Janita Autio


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