Katri Niskanen FW2018

Fashion,11 October 2018

Maksettu kaupallinen yhteistyö Katri Niskasen kanssa// Paid collaboration with Katri Niskanen

How lucky am I, to have the possibility to continuously work with all these amazing brands who create beautiful things? I feel so proud to feature these Finnish brands, because it’s not easy to succeed in fashion in this country of ours. Only the best will survive and here is one of them: Katri Niskanen.

This is my third year teaming up with Katri Niskanen and this time I wanted to focus on the basics. I’m going through a phase of downgrading my entire wardrobe and selection of “stuff”, therefore I see it as the best opportunity to concentrate on the most important building blocks. Katri Niskanen makes gorgeous tailor-made gowns, coats and everything in-between, but I picked my favorite basics from the collections together with some special pieces like the leo dress from the fw collection.

This jersey wrap dress I’m wearing is versatile and can be worn as a long cardigan or dress. A wrap dress is one of those items that usually looks good on most people. It’s also a wardrobe savior on those days of the month when nothing fits, and you praise the lords because you have that one dress that can be tied more loosely, but still looks just right. I prefer my go- to dresses to be black and stretchy, because black is always my color of comfort when in doubt. Perfect dress for work, dinner, party, anytime. This is as basic as it gets.

Secondly, the star of the fall season; the knit dress. This one is made of fine merino wool and it’s loose fit and would look amazing with an oversized blazer, scarf and boots. Can’t get enough of easy pieces like this! The material feels soft and most importantly non-itchy. 

This leo dress is just irresistible for those of us who loves animal print. It’s so rare, to find leopard prints that are good. This one is so good, it almost counts as a basic. I style this dress with a chunky knit over it and biker boots. For going out, I like it just as it is paired with suede pumps. I’m really craving this piece for myself, so I’m thinking I need to buy it.The shoulder dress is what I would describe as the essence of Katri Niskanen the brand. It fits like a glove and shapes the body beautifully due to the double layered hem. It feels wonderful on. This is for every woman who wants a very comfortable yet well fitted little black dress.

The base dress is exactly that, the perfect base. I wore it under the wrap dress above, and can come up with at least 10 different ways to wear it. I like it worn as a skirt under a shorter knit or under sheer dresses. Nevertheless, I like it just as it is. It’s perfect in its simplicity.

Did you find yourself a favorite?


  • Ellen

    The first dress looks absolutely stunning on you! I love your boots aswell!
    It would be interesting to see your take on winter style, especially stylish winter jackets are hard to find. How do you plan to stay warm and fashionable during the upcoming colder months?

    Have a lovely day! Sinerely

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Hi! Thank you for the feedback! I will defenitely share my “staying warm during winter” tips! Just have to come up with them first, haha!

      Have a great fall!


  • Elina

    Hei Sofia,
    Kiitos laadukkaasta blogistasi. olen huomannut, että olet panaostanut ja tehnyt sen eteen töitä vielä enenmmän kuin ennen ja lukijoille tämä on suuri ilo!
    Hyvää viikonloppua,

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