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In collaboration with Norlyn// Kaupallisessa yhteistyössä Norlynin kanssa

Feeling so clean and fresh in all white or simply just lighter looks! After searching for the perfect pair of culottes for years, I couldn’t wait to wear these white ones, although it started to snow just a few hours after snapping these pictures. Culottes are a bit tricky I think, but somehow, I find them playful and easy to wear in comparison to long wide trousers. Exposing the ankles always gives a more feminine and lighter look, but since it’s still cold I need to wear something underneath to keep me warm.

Even though this outfit is rather dressed up I wear these kinds of outfits quite often. I attend and co-host events almost every week and I want to look put together without being boring. A little black dress paired with heels would be too formal I think, therefore bringing a chunky knit into the look brings it down a notch.

Because I’m wearing white pants I didn’t want to wear black stockings underneath. So, instead I went for Norlyn Premium control stockings (shade Powder). Control stockings might sound a bit “unsexy”, but these are perfect for me and those of you who have standing jobs, like to wear heels or fly! I’ve noticed that flying makes my legs bloated and uncomfortable. Last time I flew I had to squat in the bathroom on a regular basis just because my legs were aching so badly! From now on, I will not enter an airplane without invigorating stockings. Not willing to be uncomfortable or worried and why should I, when I can wear these super sheer and unnoticeable stockings? I guess age doesn’t come alone haha ;).

knit softgoat//  trousers kappahl// stockings norlyn premium control// shoes zalando// bag gucci// sunglasses rayban

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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