Hi you, these pictures are from our mini vacation to Tallinn. Both me and my husband LOVE Tallinn especially during the summer, so we decided to pack up this little family of ours and spend two days walking, shooting, chilling, laughing and eating (!) with my beloved Dora and her awesome husband. The trip was fantastic and we walked from restaurant to restaurant and we were really blessed with great weather.

These outfit pictures were snapped in a really cool surrounding on our way to lunch on the first day, and I’m happy to have experienced new, cozy places with great food and atmosphere. I have a lot more pictures coming up from our trip, but I just wanted to post these first :).
Sofia Ruutu OOTD
Sometime ago I read a blog with an interview answered by the blogger herself, so I put the idea in a draft and now I thought it would be fun for me to ask and answer myself a few fashion related questions. Might look really silly but let’s try and see if these kind of posts are something to continue with or skip in the future. So, here is an interview by myself for myself all about fashion and shopping.

Which pieces will you save for the seasons to come? I’ll save all the longer/ maxi length coats and cardigans, denim skirts and jackets, everything leather and suede, flared pants, cute ankle boots and always everything lace, since it is the most beautiful material.

Is there anything you’ve gotten tired of that you’ll give away or get rid off? I’m completely done with thin super high heels with platforms,  ripped jeans, crop tops (even tho I never owned one) text prints, golden buttons and clothes that are simply uncomfortable or don’t fit right.

How often do you go through your wardrobe? I go through and rinse in my closet constantly since I like to keep it organized and because it’s so full that I have to get rid of something every time I want something new. Luckily I have sisters to give away to, friends who are willing to adopt my oldies and great flea markets online where I sell or trade my clothes. I love that recycling has become so popular and easy. It gives me the opportunity to refresh and update my wardrobe without feeling guilty.


Sofia Ruutu OOTD Sofia Ruutu OOTD

Which five essentials does every woman need in her wardrobe? A classic and high quality little black dress, the perfect pair of jeans, a leather jacket or relaxed blazer, cool pair of sunglasses and a pair of great shoes.

What piece of clothing/ accessory gives you that extra power boost when you’re going to a meeting? A pair of statement heels.

Top three shopping tips? Always stick to your budget! Shopping is never the reason to loose your sleep over. Prefer quality over quantity and when you feel like you need something new; go for fun accessories like lipstick or a new pair of stockings to match your beloved LBD. Also, always think in outfits so you don’t buy pieces that don’t go with anything in your already existing closet.

Do you remember a situation when you felt completely wrong in your outfit? Happens more and more rarely now a days compared to when I was younger. I’ve found myself style-wise and I now know what suits my body type and lifestyle. I don’t jump on every new trend, and the key for me is to not over do it, and wear pieces that literally feel comfortable on my body.

Sofia Ruutu OOTD Sofia Ruutu OOTD Sofia Ruutu OOTD Sofia Ruutu OOTD Sofia Ruutu OOTD

Do you ever feel like you’ve got nothing to wear? Haha YES! Although, I’ve become better at planning ahead but every now and then I still  find myself trying on five different outfits before leaving the house. When nothing feels right I opt for less is more and a pair of heels (if the situation allows).

If you didn’t have a budget to think about, what would you spend your money on fashion wise? Louboutins and Chanel bags for sure ;).

Sofia Ruutu OOTD Sofia Ruutu OOTD

dress hm// bag louis vuitton// shoes dolce vita// sunglasses ray ban

Pictures by Dora Dalila



  • Meredith

    You look amazing as always, but the location is not. It´s like these photos are screaming guess who dose´t belong in here!! Although I must say that Dora is pro, but these isn´t my taste. But that´s only my a opion. I´can´t believe that July is almost done and haven´t had summer heat yet. It´s just keeps raining…

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Oh, I actually LOVE this location and I really like the contrast. I have to admit I’m a little bit tired of decorative white buildings blurred out in the background, so for me anything not typical is inspiring and interesting at the moment. But you might be right, I guess I look like I’m lost somewhere where I don’t belong :D.

  • Bambi

    Off-shoulder trend suits you. Will you be keeping this one for next season? ;) how about brown suede – still not that much into it? Like your photosessions with Dora: truly creative results. You are so lucky to have found a partner in crime like that. It’s a treasure – a photographer who can visualize you in so many new locations. We want more!

  • Meredith

    How is your little girl doing?

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