Inside my closet

Fashion,4 December 2019

I always dreamt about a big walk-in-closet, which is a dream that came true when we moved into our current home. I love that everything is behind closed doors and that I chose to go wild and add mirrors to every single door. It’s the jewelry to our apartment and my creative space. In the morning when I get ready, I always listen to a podcast or sing along to loud music. Today, I switched it up a bit by listening to motivational speeches while getting ready for my photo shoot. You should try it for yourself. It really puts me in the right mood for the day.

Last spring, I did a complete renovation inside my wardrobe and rearranged our closets. I removed almost all of my shelves and had racks put up instead. A much better solution for me, who really dislike folding clothes. And, so much better for my clothes.

Today I’m shooting a campaign and trying to gather my thoughts to record a video for you were I talk about collaborations and advertising on social media. However, I’m also having lunch with a friend of mine and hang out with the kids tonight. Balanced day today. It’s been a lot of work hours this week, but thankfully, the upcoming days will be all about free time with dinners, birthday party, parties at friends and an Independence Day lunch at my in-laws. The best of times.

top Gauhar// jeans Levis

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä


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