Health,10 February 2019

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I’m back in town and planning for the upcoming week. Tomorrow, I’m returning to yoga and since I invested in new gorgeous yoga wear a few weeks ago, I thought I’d spread the word forward; It’s no joke how much motivation, inspiration and excitement new and fresh workout clothes can bring! I never realized it until now and I appreciate it more than ever, because I constantly see myself in the mirror in class and bikram yoga really requires good, comfortable and functional clothes. I always wear high wasted tights paired with a supportive sports bra and I love soft shades of pink, nudes and light grey tones, next to the most trusted and always good looking black. This golden yoga mat is most definitely on my wish list as well as the black shorts and bra.

pink bra// nude bra// black bra//pink shorts//black shorts// pink leggings// black leggings// nude leggings// yoga mat// water bottle// scrunchie

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