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Outfit,21 September 2014
Good morning! This is what I wore yesterday. I feel a bit funny looking at these pictures, because I’m wearing my hair almost straight, which is quite rare for me. I am clearly going through some kind of phase at the moment. A phase of pushing myself outside my comfort zone and thinking outside the box. I decide something, and then I just do it, just because I can and because it’s good for me to push myself a little bit. Wearing my hair straight might be a teeny tiny thing, but it’s something new and that’s what it’s all about ;D. Taking more risks and jumping into new things is my “new years” resolution, and as I’ve mentioned earlier, my new year starts in the fall (or any day of the year really) not on new years eve. I’m gonna say yes a lot more and see where that takes me:).
Is there anything you could do to push yourself a little bit outside your comfort zone? I highly recommend everyone to try, even if it’s just the most simple thing, because let me tell you, it feels GOOD ;P!
jacket andiata// top hm// jeans tiger//shoes from flea market// purse chanel// hat unknown

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