If I can’t wear nothing…

Fashion,4 July 2019

Maksettu kaupallinen yhteistyö Ellos:n kanssa// In paid collaboration with Ellos

…I’ll wear a bikini or swimsuit. Isn’t it weird, that in May it feels so difficult, too revealing and daring almost, to drop the stockings and be bare legged? But in July, all I want is to spend my days wearing Tarzan’s uniform ;D.

In collaboration with Ellos, I’ve picked some of my favorite looks for a day on the beach (here) and offer you a 30% discount on the most expensive item in your purchase including a lot of external brands (not furniture). Discount available on ordinary prices only.The code is: 395446and is valid until 31/7.

My favorites are the black and white pieces. Especially the bikini top #4.

Shop here!

1 (here) 2 (here) 3 (here) 4 (here) 5 (here) 6 (here) 7 (here) 8 (here) 9 (here) 10 (here) 11 (here) 12 (here)

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