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baby,Motherhood,5 February 2016

Before Greta was born we moved into a new home. It’s been more than two years now, and it’s still not ready as you can see from the white empty walls and a few other pieces waiting to fall into place.

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Before the baby arrived we rearranged our entire home. We turned our bedroom into a playroom and Greta got a new beautiful bed placed into her own bedroom. She used to sleep between us in our bed, and it was almost impossible to get her into her own bed even though it was placed right next to us. Not to even mention the struggle to get her to fall asleep in her own bed. Mission impossible.

When she finally got a big girls bed from Stokke everything turned to the better in a blink of an eye. She was so excited about her own tent bed, she’s been sleeping full nights in it ever since (we started practicing well in advance before the baby arrived so she wouldn’t feel pressured because of him). Hallelujah!

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Now we have a bedroom for the kids, a playroom, and our separate bedroom. Right now we have placed a full size bed in Greta’s bedroom where she can sleep with daddy when I nurse and the baby keeps me up at night. Which he does a lot ;). It has been a great solution for our entire family, and I’m thankful at least half of our family sleeps well at night.

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Baby G also has a beautiful crib and changing table also from Stokke. The crib is Greta’s old, and I think it’s really cute and works well also enlarged with the extra pieces. What I love about Stokke is that all their pieces are versatile and grows with the child. We also have their trip trap chairs with the attachable new born seat (my favorite), their bath tub, sibling strollers (review coming up), baby bouncer and… Well, we basically trust Stokke anytime we need something for the children. I think their pieces are beautiful, practical, trustworthy and high in quality.

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If I could choose I would sleep in the same bed with all my children (probably for the rest of my life), but it get’s crowded, sweaty and quite uncomfortable at times. I Love listening to my babies breath peacefully and at times inhale their wonderful scent and kiss their cheeks, but I’m kind of glad to pass on getting kicked in my nose or knocked out by toys.

Everyone sleeps better now. So this is how we’ll roll for now.

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* some pieces featured in this post are gifted

Pictures By Dora Dalila


  • Natali

    Heheh! The joys of the parenthood! :D Now this post totally gave me a baby fever! :P

  • Meredith

    Is Baby G Greta or the newbie? I love this posting – so different than your other postings but that´s why I love this blog so much. And the baby looks so tiny and cute:) How are you sleeping or are you?

  • Maria

    Ilmankos kärsit unenpuutteesta, jos nukut lapsiesi kanssa samassa sängyssä. Eikö olisi hyvä opettaa lapset nukkumaan omissa sängyissään, tietenkin pienet vauvat ovat eri asia, mutta teidän esikoisenne ei ole enää mikään pieni vauva.

    • Sofia Ruutu

      En tiedä mikä on lapselle parasta, mutta uskon että turvan tunne on kaikista tärkeintä. Meidän esikoinen nukkuu omassa sängyssä, mutta jos hän pelkäisi,ottaisin hänet viereeni tai meidän huoneeseen. Onneksi hän on nukkunut hyvin omassa sängyssä ja uskon että hän oli vasta nytten siirtymiseen valmis. Vauva nukkuu vierelläni, sillä uskon että ihokontakti, tuoksut ja äänet tuovat vauvalle turvaa, ja myös imetys sujuu helpommin niin. Vain koska on yleistä tehdä tietyllä tavslla, tai koska muut toimivat jonkun tietyn kaavan mukaan, yritän aina itse kyseenalaistaa onko se välttämättä parasta lapselle? Meillä on toimittu näin ja mielummin valvon itse kuin itketän lapseni öisin. En myöskään usko unikouluihin, mutta jokainen tekee niin kuin itse näkevät parhaaksi. Välillä oma jaksaminen on etusijalla, jotta jaksaisi olla muuten hyvä äiti/isä. Sekin on tärkeää. Kaikki vanhemmat tekevät varmasti parhaansa, siksi on vaikea sanoa mikä on oikein ja mikä ei.❤️

  • Sini

    Juurikin näin! En voisi olla enempää samaa mieltä. Ihanasti vastattu ❤️

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