How to succeed in business?

Fashion,Outfit,Work,24 March 2018

During my past few days in Edinburgh I decided to start working on this post regarding business. I’ve done my research for some time already by reading articles, listening podcasts and collected my own thoughts around the subject. Things I value, constantly work towards and would recommend everyone to think over in their own work. I think it’s important to have a direction and to ask yourself where you are going, what you are trying to achieve. Here is my list of great tips and wisdoms I’ve heard, seen and collected.

Dear to speak out about what you want to achieve and what you dream of.

Talk about money. Money and salary discussions are still a taboo, but if we dare to talk about what we want to earn and what we actually earn we’ll do ourselves and others a big favor. Dare to ask for a promotion when you deserve it and discuss money with friends. There is absolutely nothing bad about talking about money.

Always make sure the money talk is done and dusted before you actually do the job or start at your new work place.

Make sure you never ever sign anything you don’t completely understand. And remember, contract offers are always negotiable. It’s just a suggestion.

Always negotiate a salary/price that inspires you to work a little bit harder.

Under promise, but over deliver! Always try to give a little bit more of yourself and your work than what’s expected.

Know your strengths and weaknesses and work on those. Shine when you know you can and practice on those challenging tasks. Every job includes boring and uncomfortable tasks. There is no way around it so just accept that.

Support and help others succeed. This is extremely important. Help everyone you can, support friends and exchange favors, but give without expecting to get back. Others success is never ever away from your own success!

Promote others good work!

Don’t be a complainer. If you’re unsatisfied take action. Give constructive criticism or do whatever you can to make your situation better.

Don’t brag about being busy and stressed. If you love and work well under pressure – great! If you feel stressed to an unhealthy extent that makes you unhappy-rethink your life situation.

Value kindness over being clever.

Learn to know your audience and talk to your target group.

Make plans, schedules and stay organized. Plan everything from how exactly your workday should look like to your free time, hobbies and weekends.

Be you! Trust yourself and your instinct, but always be open minded. Listen to others and try to learn. Stay humble, collect as much information as you can, where after you do what you believe is right.

Do not respond to negativity!

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