How to remove negativity from your life

Health,personal,4 June 2015

I would say I’m quite an optimistic person, at least most of the time. My life is not perfect but I choose to look at things and life in a positive and hopeful way. I’m a dreamer, sometimes naive and unrealistic but that’s just who I am, and with age I’ve learned how to live with that too. My life is surrounded with all kinds of people and I appreciate that. Some are true pessimist some happy goes lucky, some realists and others day dreamers. I find all types interesting but one thing is for sure, those people who choose to look at the glass half full instead of half empty seem to enjoy life more, and not worry so much about every little thing that “might” eventually go wrong.

” worry is a total waste of time. It doesn’t change anything. All it does is steal your joy and keep you busy doing nothing.”

I belive we are who we are and that’s the charm in it,  but we can also actively work on our way of thinking, attitude and actions. Below I’ve collected my own tips and reminders on how to stay positive.

Traveling is an excellent way to take a brake, widen views, learn about other cultures and traditions but best of all; it always makes me at least find new appreciation for what I have at home. Home and regular life feels better after when I’ve been away for a while.

Choose who you want to have around in your life. One of my friends decided to make a complete life change. She broke up with her boyfriend and decided to leave all of her friends as well, since she wanted to get rid of negative energy once and for all. That is one of the bravest stories I’ve heard and I really admire her for that. After some time we met and became friends for a lifetime and now she has friends and a husband who loves her and wishes her all the happiness and success she deserves. For me time is very limited and I’d so much rather be alone than with people I don’t feel good and comfortable with. I want to surround myself with great and inspiring team members who double my joy and share my sorrows and vice versa.  Competing against one another is destructive and will not bring anything good.

After all, to be loved but especially to love is what makes at least my life worth living. Remembering that is very important. What would life be if we didn’t have anyone to love? All of my best and most memorable happenings and moments in life are connected to strong feelings and love.

Count your blessings. I don’t mean that we should think about world hunger every time we feel down because that can sometimes feel far away, but trying to switch focus from the negatives to positives helps. For example: today I’m happy I’ve been a present and loving mother to my child even though I’m dead tired and ill and an old gentleman smiled at me in the elevator which made me happy. This also works on self image and self esteem. Try to think of something you like in yourself instead of what you dislike. Even though it might feel hard, there is always something to be thankful for (toenail, nice voice, kindness or great drawing skills).

Spend time in nature, with children or animals. Nature is calming and grounding. Children put things into perspective and bring happiness and aliveness. Animals love you unconditionally no matter what you look like, how your day has been and in what mood you are.

Don’t compare yourself to others. The best part about every one of us is that we are all unique and different. Strive to be the best version of yourself instead of competing with others. We have no clue about other peoples lives and life stories so let’s focus on our own lives instead of others.

Do what makes you happy! Creating happy moments in life is how I measure success. Money and power means nothing in the end, so all I want is to collect as many beautiful memories and laughters because that’s what I want to look back on when I’m old. We live once, let’s make it good and enjoy the ride as long as this journey lasts!


Sofia Ruutu

      Picture by Paula Kukkonen


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