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Fashion,Outfit,Travel,11 March 2018

Still in recovery from my last trip and soon it’s time to start packing again. I usually travel light outside of work, but if my trip includes documenting, taking lots of outfit pictures or working on collaborations I prefer to think more is more. I collected my most important points I try to live after when traveling.

I usually prefer to be very comfortable when I travel. No huge puffy jackets, thick knits or tight pants. My packing is color coordinated so that everything is easy to mix and match. However, I like to look decent in opposite of what I look like when I travel with the family, hehe). Wider pants or relaxed jeans worn with shoes that easily comes off.  Layers are always good, therefore a camisole worn under a cardigan or thin knit works perfectly.

I always get a headache when I fly no matter what I do. Keeping hydrated and staying away from salty food, alcohol and too much coffee helps, but I’ve learned to always carry pain killers with me in my purse. Eating well is valuable as well because sitting still for hours before running from one place to the next is much more pleasant without a bloated belly.

Peace and quiet has become super important to me. I make up a plan of things I need to get done before boarding and on the plane, where after I make sure I stick to it. It can be anything from editing pictures, writing school papers or sleep. It’s valuable time and goes by much faster if it’s used efficiently.

Don’t turn off the air conditioner while flying. Make sure your dressed warmly and perhaps even carry a soft scarf with you to wear around your neck or use as a blanket. The air conditioner makes sure the air circulates and stays fresh around your seat.

When I’ve completed my work day I am one of those antisocial people who wants to go to bed on time. I’ve valued sleep as long as I can remember even though I don’t sleep that much all- in- all. I also put much more energy on good skin care before and after the flight than during the flight. Healthy dinner, good skin care routine and early bedtime make sure I’m the best I can be the morning after, whether it’s for work or playing with the kids.

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Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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