Home decor vol. 9

interior,11 July 2020

Hi guys! We are still home and really enjoying our time here. We have more space, the kids get their own peace to play and I keep busy taking care of daily housework tasks, which I actually love! Especially when I have the time.

Later today we are going to a birthday party that my kids have been looking very much forward to. Other than that, we don’t have any plans, but I know I want to spend next week meeting friends and doing more fun family activities! I looooove family activities, so next week I’m looking forward to visiting Fazer for a chocolate factory tour as well as one of the adventure parks. I literally became obsessed with the Flow park at Vierumäki last summer and felt high after struggling high up at the top of the trees for hours.

Now, I’m trying to return to my dream that I woke up from this morning. I dreamt about our new apartment, the lighting and our bathroom. So, here are some pictures to match my current mood.


Source: Pinterest


  • Tuuli

    Ihania inspiraatiokuvia. Saanko kysyä mikä firma on toteuttanut nykyisen kotinne vaatehuoneen (?) lasiovet? Ne on kauniit, mutta en löydä googlettelulla kuka tekisi vastaavia.

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Hei! Ovet ovat Kvik ja niihin on teetetty peilit fasetilla muistaakseni ihan kvikin kautta. Vetimet ovat Rakennusapteekista.

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