Home decor vol. 8

interior,30 June 2020

It’s raining over here today and it’s dark and feels chilly. I’m wearing sweatpants, a coat (inside) and woolen socks in my Birkenstocks. Today was the first day we did something else but hang out in the garden and the first day I visited the little city center here at the cottage. I love flea market shopping, but I feel less inspired now when all I want is to empty out what we already have. However, it’s always welcomed, and much appreciated to bring home something little for the kids after being here for over 3 weeks with almost no toys. I bought a dragon umbrella for my son and a little toy dog and some nail art glitter for my daughter. We love practicing doing manicures together!

Now I’m just about to go for a walk and talk on the phone the entire time. I love catching up with friends over the phone! I miss them all so much when I’m here.

Here are some general inspiration pictures for the home that we’ve been working on a bit more lately. Thought it would be cozy to get into this mood during this rainy day.

Hope you’ve had a great one today!

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