interior,13 May 2020

Source: Pinterest

At the moment, I’ve completely given up and lost all interest in the current apartment we live in. All focus is on the new one, and my Pinterest is on fire! My children have created their own boards and even though they dream of their own rooms decorated with Nerf racks on the walls, slides and neon rainbows I’m thinking learning how to compromise is an important lesson in life :). Therefore, I’m now doing my very best to get them into liking earthy tones and cozy spaces. They are not quite convinced yet, but slowly starting to accept the fact that we’re not going to purchase a Lightning McQueen car bed or one that’s shaped like a seashell. I blame Pinterest for the inspiration. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

This mood board sums up the mood and colors I like. This time, I really want the children’s rooms to feel like children’s rooms. A space that invites to play but is easy to keep organized. I think organized spaces helps with creativity, calms down and feels peaceful. My goals for the children’s rooms.

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