Halo from the airport

Fashion,Outfit,7 November 2017

Sitting at the airport with a foamy cappuccino and airplanes about to take off in front of me. This morning was and is exactly how morning should be. The sun is shining on a blue sky and I had time to sit down and hold my kids before I had to leave. Stress- free mornings are a luxury that I’ve come to cherish, and I know the kids do too. Watching cartoons while I drink my coffee and having time to really focus and listen to them is golden.

Today I’m traveling to Stockholm. I was there a couple of weeks ago with my family, but this trip will be a bit different. I’m excited to go back, if only for a quick visit. I’ve actually (optimistic maybe) packed books and my goal is to at least open one. I love to read, but I find it difficult to prioritize reading over everything else that needs to get done. I’m also the type who easily gets emotionally swept away by a good book and I’m afraid that affects the rest of my day.

Just a quick note about my skirt before I have to go. I have never felt comfortable in a pencil skirt, but always admired is on others. Now I finally found the perfect one by Halo From North and I love the fringes that makes it unique. It enhances my curves, even tho my body type is kind of straight. This skirt is a keeper for life and a pice I’ll be wearing over and over again. And, I love that it’s Finnish design.

jacket samsoe & samsoe//knit santosh// sunglasses ray ban//skirt halo from north// tights norlyn//boots zara// bag chanel

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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