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Fashion,Outfit,9 July 2018

When I realized, it was going to be 35C° in Paris I walked straight into Zara with two things in mind-  short and breezy. This little red dress in linen was amazing in-between sets where I was wearing jeans and woolen blazers and coats. These pictures are taken at the end of the day after countless hours of shooting. I’m happy I got this dress. Not only, because I love to wear red but find it rather difficult to find red pieces which are nice and casual at the same time. After all, sale shopping can be a savior when you find yourself with sudden needs.

Right now, I’m writing from the car on the way back to the country side. We’re living traveler’s life. Moving from one place to another and using our own home as some sort of laundry/ office/ rest station. I don’t mind it as long as I ignore the piles of clothes and bags laying around. It’s about the power of the mind to just try to forget about it. I’m stronger than I thought :).

dress and sandals zara// bag louis vuitton// sunglasses ray ban

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