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*Post in collaboration with Villa Gyllenberg

Once upon a time there was a couple named Signe and Ane Gyllenberg. They collected art work in their beautifull home surrounded by nature based in Kuusisaari, Helsinki. They loved and appreciated art and experienced it to be an important part of the human well being, both mentally but in turn also physically. After Signe and Ane passed away their home was turned into a beautiful art museum Villa Gyllenberg, showcasing their art collection.

I have come to appreciate art more and more by each year that passes. I see beauty in most things and I instantly know when a piece  speaks to me. I love museums and there is something mysterious and very personal looking at paintings made by another person trying to understand the process, feeling, mindset and meaning behind each piece.

A few weeks ago Villa Gyllenberg opened the doors to showcase new art collection aside from the always in house pieces. The theme of the exhibition is masquerades, carnivals, circus and street art and is inspired by two Gallen-Kallela pieces as a part of Signe and Ane Gyllenberg foundation art collection. I loved the melancholic feel around the art work and I couldn’t help but admire the work, thought and process put into fashion during that time (late 19th century to early 20th century). I found a new appreciation for the loose and relaxed fashion we’re surrounded with right now, and I am thankful to have the freedom to wear jeans and sneakers. This temporary exhibition is available from September 16, 2015 to January 3, 2016.

What particularly caught my eyes was the painting Antoine Pesne by Anna Elisabeth von der Schulenburg (picture 5 & 6 I stand next to below). I can’t explain why I fell for it, but somehow it is very time stopping.

I have been given the opportunity to give out two tickets (worth 20 euros) to the exhibition. Take part in the lottery simply by leaving a comment under this post.

Sofia Ruutu OOTD Villa Gyllenberg Sofia Ruutu OOTD Villa Gyllenberg Sofia Ruutu OOTD Villa Gyllenberg Sofia Ruutu OOTD Villa Gyllenberg Sofia Ruutu OOTD Villa Gyllenberg Sofia Ruutu OOTD Villa Gyllenberg Sofia Ruutu OOTD Villa Gyllenberg

Dress by Roberto Cavalli for H&M

Pictures by Dora Dalila


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