Green trench

Fashion,15 May 2020

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Last spring, I sold pretty much all of my trench coats. I didn’t wear them that much and felt like they were too fitted and ladylike for my current taste. I didn’t buy a new one and to be honest I didn’t even feel the need to search for one. The lack of a trench coat wasn’t a whole in my wardrobe that needed to be filled right there and then. Little did I know, because when I stumbled upon this army green water-resistant trench by Andiata, I instantly fell for it.

Since I’ve learned to wait a minute or two and not buy everything I like, I waited a bit too long. When I decided to go for it, it was sold out in my size. When I saw that it was back in stock, I immediately placed it into my shopping cart and checked out. Best of all, it was on discount!

When I posted this Andiata trench so many of you liked it as well, therefore I just had to borrow this sample from Reserved so I could show you! It looks the same, but it’s much more festive in the fabric and a great budget version.

I’ve linked both trench coats here (budget) and here (splurge) for you to compare and get a closer look. Which one do you like better?

Ps. I hear Andiata still has some left at Stockmann in case you got as obsessed as I ;)

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