Golden moments

Fashion,Outfit,11 February 2017
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coat andiata (gifted)// shirt cos// jeans cubus (gifted)// shoes &other stories// sunglasses rayban// bag chanel

While on the subject maximalism I have to say that there are only few things I like as much as cardigans and coats that tickle my ankles. It’s an elegant length that feel super feminine and at the same time daring. Daring because not so many people feel comfortable wearing ankle length coats, but personally I think it’s a nice statement piece that looks just as cute also if you are petite. If you are afraid to get lost in all the material material with the risk of making you look bulky, straight and something like a sausage I highly recommend wearing the coat open. Flaunting some leg is flattering and it gives it a more youthful look.This Andiata coat could be a bit longer on me, but it’s easily faked by pairing it with sneakers instead.

Other than going on about material things I have to tell you I’ve had some wonderful days with my family. Sometimes life with kids feel almost unbearable, but luckily just as many days if not more things roll smoothly. A good attitude is usually the reason (easier said than done I know), but it’s magical when you find yourself in those golden moments that make you want to burst out of joy and love or just laughter! I just got back home with the kids sleeping. One in the strollers and the other one in my arms. It was quite a walk back home, but I felt so empowered. Me and my kids. We are one hell of a team! Not afraid to say so. 

Extra love to all of you mamas out there! <3!


Pictures by Svante Gullichsen

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