Fashion,18 December 2019

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It’s so grey out, I needed to search for these pictures with sunlight just to motivate myself. Now, when the year is coming to an end, I’ve started to think about the next. I like to feel organized and aware of the future and that’s why I contemplate over these things already, because I want to feel peaceful and calm before I take a little break. Breaks are good, but they can also be a little stressful. This year, I’m taking a few days completely off, just to let go of everything for a while.

Next year, I don’t aim for more of anything. I’m very happy where I’m at and that’s a realization I want to value and keep. We don’t need to set higher goals, be better than we were yesterday and aim for the stars. Sometimes where we are right now is actually pretty good and comfortable. So, why not enjoy all of that for a moments instead?

knit HERE// skirt and boots &Otherstories// bag Chanel

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä


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  • Lisa

    Wisdom which comes only with age. Self-care is the only goal we shall ever set for ourselves. No ones gonna take care of us same way we can take of ourselves. It’s also being responsible towards our underaged children and elderly parents who might need our care. The rest is actually just rubbish.

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