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Fashion,Outfit,12 November 2015

*Post in collaboration with Marks & Spencer


Sofia Ruutu OOTD for M&S

This months collaboration with Marks & Spencer is all about the upcoming party season. I wanted to execute this theme by creating a from office to christmas party look, simply by switching the accessories and details.

This first look is built of the most simple and classic pieces; a pencil skirt, blouse and sweater. These pieces are all my personal wardrobe must haves, since they are so versatile yet easy to mix up, and offer endless variations both separate and worn together.

To make the look more comfortable and office appropriate I chose to wear non see through black tights. A thinner version would immediately make this look more dressed up and also evening appropriate. These tights offer support, yet they have a special innovation of keeping you warm outdoors and cool indoors. Additionally, they are made out of “magical” thread which keeps the sock from running if it so happens to break somewhere. Just what I’ve been needing all of these years as a true skirt and dress loving girl.

IMG_4835Sofia Ruutu OOTD for M&S Sofia Ruutu OOTD for M&S Sofia Ruutu OOTD for M&S

When the clock turns 5 o’clock and it’s time to head out for dinner or after work, I simply switch into a more elegant shoe, add some glitz and slip into some decorative lacy pantyhose (also supportive and shaping). The sweater has got to go, as well as the strict bun to assure the final look is glam enough ;). Not much effort is needed to create a whole different look if the base is simple enough.

My personal final touch is always to match my lips with the soles of my shoes, and my soul soles are always scarlet as the color of love. What could ever be as inviting, sexy and suitable for Christmas as that?

Marks & Spencer now offer a get 2 pay for 1 discount on all jewelry (offering the most inexpensive free of charge), all the way until the end of the year.

Let’s get this party season started!

Sofia Ruutu OOTD for M&SIMG_4838Sofia Ruutu OOTD for M&S Sofia Ruutu OOTD for M&SIMG_4841Sofia Ruutu OOTD for M&S


From 9 to 5 outfit: knit, blouse, skirt and stockings by Marks & Spencer

All glammed up outfit: blouse, skirt, stockings and earrings by Marks & Spencer

Pictures by Dora Dalila



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