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Fashion,23 January 2015


It seems like both you and me have enjoyed my posts about inspiring blogs that I follow myself, so I will now present yet another favorite if not my all time favorite blog. Songofstyle is a blog I’ve been following for a long time and is a source of inspiration in both interior and fashion but it also brings me positive energy.

Aimee Song seems like the sweetest girl and her colorful pictures and outfits never fail to lighten up my mood. I am obsessed with her interior and sense of fashion and she has a certain playfulness about her that I really like. Get to her blog here and please watch this video above, it’s so cute;)!

aimee_song_pink_coat_skinny_jeans_21 aimee_song_michael_kors_leopard_blazer_shorts_dubai aimee_song_blue_coat_blue_dress



  • Meredith

    She sure is cute and funny:) These days seems like everyone is taking selfies everywhere, expect me:) Don´t like doing in front of random peoples.

    • Meredith

      By the way do you take a lot of selfies?:) I would love to hear what are your favorite blogs that you follow?

      • Sofia Ruutu

        No I don’t. I prefer to give the camera to someone else ;). I somehow tend to look like an akward teenager in my selfies! Selfies are great though because that gives every person the opportunity to choose if he/she wants to be photographed, how, when and how the result will look. Selfies gives us a chance to totally be in charge of how we want to put ourselves out there for others to be seen. We are no longer an object, we decide ourselves and have full control and responsibility of the situation :). Love selfies and all that :)!

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