Fashion,12 February 2019

Here in Helsinki, it’s starting to feel like spring already. The shops are filled with spring items and I’m dreaming of warmer days, more sunlight and family time. It comes to me as soon as I get exposed to a bit of light and today, the sun is shining and some of the snow has started to melt.

Next week, I’m travelling to Marbella for work. To be honest, it feels difficult to leave the kids again, but I’m happy we get some full days together before that due to the ski holiday. Being away gives me severe fomo but at the same time, I always feel like I miss out on something. It’s just how it is during these hectic years when everything happens all at once.

Oh, how I wish I could just return to Levi and lock myself and my family into a cozy cabin away from everything else for a while. Perhaps, that’s what I’ll do next weekend, somewhere a bit closer to home.

hat onar// overall luhta (borrowed)// moon boots// sunglasses gucci

Pictures by Heikki Salonen

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