Fashion,Outfit,23 January 2017

In the middle of January when everything seems kind of grey there are a few things that bring light to my day. Flowers always bright up both my mood and home, therefore I love to place both big and small vases filled with beautiful flowers all over the apartment. There is one requirement however, my home has to be clean. It rarely completely fulfills my standards which is why I quite often manage to resist the temptation to go over the board flower bombing my home.

A week ago while attending the Efva Attling wedding collection brunch I got the most beautiful bouquet. It was a simple and wild bouquet with a mix and match of different kind of white roses. Branches with mini roses and really big fluffy and creamy ones. So beautiful!

Flowers and airing out the home gives me a feel of spring. Exactly what I need to look forward to this January.

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knit hm premium// skirt isabel marant// boots nelly (gifted)

Pictures by Janita Autio

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