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Fashion,26 March 2018

Post in collaboration with Norlyn// Kaupallisessa yhteistyössä Norlynin kanssa

The most wonderful sign of spring is when all the summer plans are starting to get determined, when wedding invitations drop in the mail box and stores fill up on festive dresses just in time for 1st of May, graduations and other wonderful celebrations. Easter is usually when I leave winter behind and think forward towards lighter and brighter days.

The days are already so much longer which by itself gives so much more energy and life! I slow down a bit and let my thoughts wonder towards vacation and celebrations. Although, I love every single season more and more each year, spring makes me feel so hopeful and light. Time to slow down and focus on what life is all about-gathering with friends and family and enjoy what we have.

I’m happy to let you know that my collaboration with Norlyn continues. I pulled out my first pair of fine, sheer stockings already a month ago while wearing my new silk midi skirt paired with knee high boots. This time of year, my legs are far from sun kissed and glossy so a little help on the way is more than welcomed, as is the warmth they give me when it’s still this cold out.

Norlyn has done a spring cleanse and as a result of that come out with fresh new collection- Norlyn Premium. Four completely renewed, natural shades packed in new simplistic packages! These stockings basically work as a second, airbrushed layer of skin.

Norlyn Premium series include Luxe Touch Ivory, Luxe Touch Sand, Luxe Soft Powder and Luxe Soft Sun. They are all very unnoticeable, sheer and thin (15-20 DEN) with a semi shiny finish. However, it all comes down to finding your shade!

In these pictures, I’m testing four shades- two of them are a bit warmer with an undertone of yellow and two have a more pink-ish undertone. One thing I find important while choosing stockings is to go for a shade that matches your own skin tone- not the one you wish to have. Finding the right shade makes the entire look smoother and more elegant. But don’t get scared, these are all very natural so you can’t go terribly wrong. I would almost recommend everyone to choose two shades: one for early spring and one for summer.

In these pictures I’m wearing the Luxe Touch products. On my right leg (black shoe) I’m wearing the shade Sand and on my my left (red shoe) Ivory. My perfect match is Luxe Touch Sand!

In these pictures I’m wearing Luxe Soft Sun and powder (picture of legs only). My choice is Sun, but both are beautiful and work quite well on me shade-wise. However, as for right now they are both too dark. If I manage to catch some golden glow this summer I might be able to pull of Sun just in time for the late summer wedding I’m attending. Something to work towards this summer I guess. One should always stay hopeful ;).

Norlyn stockings can be found in most supermarkets and department stores. Hope you find your perfect match soon!

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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