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Fashion,Outfit,11 August 2016

My favorite season is finally here. It’s always way too short, but this time it feels like it started earlier than usual? I’m taking advantage of chilly autumn winds by pairing my summer dresses with boots, wearing boots bare legged and bundling up in knits and of course layering.

For someone who likes to get dressed summer isn’t that interesting since less is more is what works best when it’s really hot out (almost never a problem in this country though). This dress is stunning which is why I want to wear it, even though it’s almost a bit too fancy for everyday use. Pairing it with boots and an oversized cardigan solves the problem and gives me the opportunity to get as much use out of it as possible.

I don’t really separate my wardrobe into occasional wear and casual wear. I want to mix and match, dress up and dress down. Even the most glittery sequin dress can look really cool and appropriate for daytime with a little imagination. Also, breaking the norm seems to be the hottest trend right now. Everything is trendy. Even the most rule breaking combinations and styles, which I of course love! Seeing the most creative and unexpected outfits on others is really inspiring and empowering. It always makes me feel like that person enjoys herself and lives in the here and now to the fullest potential.

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Pictures by Janita Autio

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