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Fashion,Outfit,30 May 2016

When it comes to sweets I eat only chocolate and black liquorice. Black liquorice was actually my biggest craving during my first pregnancy. I’m happy to announce that Fazer now have not only yummy goodies, but the packages are actually nice looking as well. When I arrange any type of get together in my home, it always annoys me when my husband brings home bags of candy packed in neon colored bags. Not to even mention the look of the candy itself. Always such a spoiler on a nicely set table. These bags of liquorice are also a nice option for when you want to show your appreciation to someone with something else but chocolate or wine. Appealing packages instantly feel more luxurious and that’s exactly how I want my mid day relaxation moments to feel like. Everything tastes and feels better when it’s also beautiful to look at.

When attending a garden party over at my friends house, I wanted to match my little gift by dressing inspired by the bag of liquorice itself. I usually always wear black shoes, but since we only live once I thought what the heck, and went for these caramel colored heels instead. I paired the shoes with a romantic white lace dress and a classic black bag.

vsco-photo-2-9 Sofia Ruutu OOTD20160525_8714

Fazer is now challenging you to head over to Instagram and post pictures inspired by these liquorice bags. Tag your pictures with #fazerlakritsi @fazersuomi and post before June 10. Fazer will reward the ten best pictures with liquorice product packages.


Pictures by Dora Dalila


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