Fashion,Outfit,7 February 2018

Today I haven’t done much. Rarely happens, but it’s the luxury of being your own boss. Instead of checking off my to-do list I spontaneously began to paint. I put on an audio book and let time fly while I brushed on the white paint. I’ve painted a lot lately and feel tempted to take on more artistic projects than painting furniture. It’s extremely calming and satisfying. I feel inspired and get a million new business ideas when I paint! I should definitely let out my creative side more often. There’s so much I want to do and try once I find more time for hobbies again. Why didn’t I feel this urge to explore and learn when I was younger? Maybe all the editing, precise schoolwork and juggling numbers creates a need to free myself from formal texts and framework. The less freedom I experience to express myself the more creativity I crave.

Anyhow, in-between painting I enjoyed a long lunch with a friend and her almost newborn baby boy. Now I’m awaiting my kids to come home for dinner, where after I need to get started with that to-do list. There’s no way around it ;). Have a good night!

coat vintage// scarf balmuir// beanie andiata// shoes twinset// jeans anine bing// bag chanel

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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