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Uncategorized,30 August 2014
I told you I’d be wearing a lot of black and leather this fall, but I know it’s time for some color in this blog sooner rather than later! I’ll do my best, I promise! Greece will do me extremely good next week, because I am tired (snoring here myself when I keep hearing myself complaining over it repeatedly), pale and very exited to get away for a while again, even tho it hasn’t been too long since last time. Who knew I would be in such need for heat, change of scenery and new daily routines so soon? 
This holiday is going to do both me and Greta good, that’s for sure. 
Other than that I just wanted to wish you all a happy Saturday <3.
dress andiata// boots zara// bag dolce& gabbana// earrings chanel


  • Vau mikä mimmi!! Pus ❤️

  • Anonymous

    Sofia, I totally agree with you. I would also love to get away to the sun when for a long weekend. Unfortunally it´s just not possible for me right now. After a short break from home routine, feels always so good to come back home and values home and your own life even more <3 But enjoy the sun, good, your friends company and of corse Gretas. And take as much photos as possible. Have a amazing trip Sofia!!!

    <3 Riina

  • Anonymous

    wau mikä mimmi,kaunis mekko, toimiva kokonaisuus jälleen.
    tykkään myös tuosta kuosista laukussa todella paljon:)
    ihanat bootsit, täytynee laittaa ostoslistalle;)kiitokset vielä kerran, kun sain tavata sinut,olet upea ja ystävällinen sekä fiksu nainen, josta on monelle nuorelle naiselle roolimalliksi.;)

  • Anonymous

    kauniita maisemia&kuvia.
    saako tiedustella missähän kuvat on otettu?
    hauskaa matkaa!;)

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