Discipline and military green

Fashion,Outfit,5 May 2018

I’ve dived into the world of social media this week, but in a different way than usual. I’m working on a school paper with focus on influencer marketing versus traditional marketing. Interesting and of course very useful information for me.

I love my school, especially when I get the chance to focus on what interest me and work with that. For those of you who wondered, I’m studying marketing as my major at Hanken. I’ve studied for a couple of years besides children and work and I’m slowly but steadily getting forward. When I begun my studies, I was unsure whether business was my cup of tea or not, but marketing was already then a big interest and passion  of mine. So, I took some courses while pregnant and applied to get in and got in. Studies are of course demanding and time consuming, but not to be taken too seriously. It’s totally ok to try different options, change your mind, switch direction and start something new later in life. We don’t all have to walk the same road in life. (Just saying, if someone other than myself have the tendency to go through a life crisis every now and then, not knowing what to become or want to do when grown up ;)). It’s also brave and totally ok to end something that doesn’t feel good anymore. School and education gives us stepping stones to follow and credibility to others, but if you have the strength, vision, tools and certainty to build your own path, it shouldn’t be worth any less. It’s just a different path.

I don’t know exactly what I want to do after graduating, but I do know that studying is a lifestyle I’ve chosen for myself because it does me good. Knowledge is always enriching and addicting and discipline is extremely important for my personality.

Schoolwork and ticking deadlines is the reason why I had to skip the Nelly Charter trip. So, I’ve only enjoyed it from far by consuming my friend’s stories. Seems like everyone is having a great time and I can’t wait until it’s time for us to take off somewhere warm as well.

This weekend has been really good thanks to helping grandparents who have helped out with the kids, allowing me to focus on my paper. Helping hands are worth gold!

Wishing all of you a beautiful weekend!

shirt, pants and earrings kappahl// belt vintage// shoes zara// sunglasses ray ban// bag louis vuitton

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä


  • Katarina

    Hei! Pääsitkö sä hankeniin avoimen yliopiston kautta vai pääsykokeen/yo-todistuksen? :-) Sulla on aina niin ihania asuja ja niistä saa tosi paljon inspiraatiota!

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Hei! Joo, juuri näin :D, aloitin opiskelut avoimen puolella ja suoritin sen verran paljon pisteitä, että pääsin niillä sitten suoraan sisään. Epäröin alussa ja ehkä ajoittain vähän vieläkin, mutta tällä mennään ja olen kyllä todella innoissani pääaineestani! Matemaattiset aineet not so much, hehe ;). Kiitos tuhannesti ihanista ja ystävällisistä sanoistasi!

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