Fashion,8 April 2019

Postaus sisältää mainoslinkkejä// Post includes adlinks

With the strong spring light, all the dusty corners, dirty windows and shit swept under the carpets came out all at once. Today, I’m having a minor life crisis also known as crappy Monday, so I decided to turn to Spotify for inner strength. It works perfectly, but the requirement is to go for the opposite playlist than what your head wants… Not an easy match to win.

I’m ignoring my life for just a couple of hours by diving into the world of university life. At least it makes me feel young ;). Have a better Monday than I. Love and peace!

Ps. might change my mind and delete this later

top hm// coat nanso// jeans bymalina (link)// boots zara// bag dior// earrings gauhar (link)

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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