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Fashion,Outfit,6 November 2016
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I have a philosophy. Do as much as possible of things you love. I’m not someone who saves the tastiest bites for last or hide treasures in the back of my closet waiting for that special occasion. I eat the middle of the cinnamon bun and skip the rest. I want to make my own life as lovable and beautiful for me as possible. Here is an outfit filled with pieces I’m currently nuts about.

French elegance. First of all I love Busnel as a brand because of their timeless, stylish, high quality and classic design. I always feel elegant and put together when I wear a coat or cardigan by the brand. The material and surface stays impeccable even after lots of use and the products make every outfit more classy. How perfect isn’t this long Capri coat and fur collar on a scale? Busnel is available at Stockmann, Kapteenska, Lilly, Muotikuu, La Matta and of course online.

Secondly, these Midrise Marlie 360 jeans from Cubus stretch in every direction still keeping everything in place. They are so comfortable and have basically been glued to my ass this past week. If possible, even more comfortable than tights.

Thirdly, these boots tho. I fell in love with them while on a photo shoot for a magazine this fall and now they are ¬†finally here making my feet happy. The rich blacker than black suede, the heel, fit and comfort. Everything is on point in these beauties. It’s just the slippery streets we need to do work on.

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coat and fur collar busnel// jeans cubus// shoes zalando// gloves lindex// bag chanel

Photo by Dora Dalila


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