Fashion,19 January 2021

I always say that I feel mostly like myself when I’m all dressed up to my teeth or completely looking like “I don’t give a shit”. You know when you’re going to that extra extra festive event like a gala or wedding OR the feeling when you get home from that gala and undress. That’s when I feel at my best, most at comfort and most natural.  I actually hate appropriate everyday dressing.  Especially if you have to be considerate of the weather. My biggest categories in my wardrobe are most definitely party wear and homewear and I own more gowns than I dare to admit. So, I hope you understand that my inspiration to dress for this cold, crazy but oh so fairytale like weather, is quite non-excising. And also, one of my biggest fears in life is to slip…

That being said, binge watching Bridgeton on Netflix this past weekend made me realize I should have lived during the 1800 century. I love the costumes with the corsets and delicate fabrics, although I’m sure they were much less comfortable than this set of sweats I’m wearing today. Now when most of the perks like travelling, galas, dinners, fashion weeks, meetings and inspiring experiences of my work has been taken away from me due of corona, I found it extremely satisfying and dreamy to dive into the world of long pastel satin hems and lace nightgowns. Highly recommend you to watch this steamy hot series if you’re in the mood for some easygoing and a bit silly entertainment.

Other than watching Netflix series, I’ve slowly started to come back to reality after the best winter holiday. Taking some time off did me so good, but I’m eager to be back and hungry to see what this year has to offer for us.

Wishing you a lovely week!

coat Zara// sweats Lindex// boots &otherstories// necklace H&M// bag Bottega Venetea// sunglasses Chanel

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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