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Fashion,Outfit,24 April 2018

I like to mix things up here a little between inspirational posts and more relatable posts like this one. I don’t always have my photographer around when I run around taking care of errands and during regular weekdays, but I love to be able to show you less planned outfits that I actually did wear on thatspecific day. This is what I wore yesterday. Or at least half of the day because I spent my morning wearing baggy sweats and a super comfy hoodie. 

This oversized black coat/cardigan is by Busnel and perfect for in-between seasons and indecisive weather. My inspiration behind this coat is Anna Sofia behind the blog Styleplaza. I adore her style and blog so that’s my tip of the day if you like timeless, elegant and simple style.

My second tip is to take charge of your inspirational channels and wisely choose to follow the ones that make you feel good. That’s what social media is all about to me, whether it’s fashion, politics, travel, wellness you name it. Get inspired and copy and paste. Copy what inspires you and spread it forward. If you got inspired in a positive way chances are someone else will too. We all get inspired by our surroundings. I love love love if someone wants to copy something inspired by me. Best compliment ever! Our personal uniqueness makes sure nothing ever ends up exactly the same as the other. What’s your take on the fine line between copying and inspiration?

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Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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