Fashion,20 June 2019

Thought I’d share this look that I wore in Nice after a couple of very hectic days in Cannes. My body was tired and I wanted to wear something very relaxed after spending days in tight, corseted gowns. So, I tied my oversized pajama silk shirt from Lindex and paired it with these spandex biker shorts from Weekday. I know this piece of clothing is mostly either hated or loved and I still don’t know in which category I belong. For yoga they are perfect paired with a black sports bra, and I must say, they are comfortable and a bit comic, especially these spandex ones. Fun pieces are always fun to try and play with, therefore I wanted to give it a try. I cut a pair of old jeans as well to create a less sporty pair of biker shorts, and those I love. What do you think, yay or nay?

Today I started the day by dropping off the kids at daycare for the last time this summer. I need to get work done and run some errands downtown. I also want to organize at home, wash laundry and maybe relax a little bit before kicking off a long family focused summer. I usually try to give the kids at least 2 months completely off. It does them so good and nurtures both their self-esteem, us as a family and is just pure luxury. We will spend the summer both at the cottage and here at home but trying to keep the kids away from the city as much as possible. I might travel somewhere for a couple of days in July, but nothing is set yet. One day at a time is perfect for now.

I rarely do anything special for Midsummer, but my kids have requested a movie night, so I’ve promised to arrange that this upcoming weekend. Perfect to just take it easy now when I’m still in recovery with my eye. We might also spend a day with my little sister. Haven’t seen her in a while and her baby boy is turning two this week. Love.

shorts and bag Weekday// shirt Lindex// shoes Zara// necklace Kappahl

Pictures: Juuli Rönkä

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