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Motherhood,pregnancy,23 December 2015
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Tomorrow it’s Christmas eve. It’s one of the best days for me and many other people and children. For some people it’s not. It’s a frightening, uncertain, unsafe and sad day. I think it’s important to keep that in mind because it’s so easy to get caught up in our own selves and lives, without remembering how things could be and are for so many people. When time stops, the world slows down and many of us take time to relax, enjoy and cherish all the love we have in our lives, there are children who never wants the time to stop because that means misery they can’t escape from.

I think about the life of  my own child. How lucky we are to be able to overload her with love and safety. It is the most important thing and goal for me as a mother. I want my children to be safe within them selves, be comfortable and confident. Dare to be themselves, take the space they need and freely become their own individuals. It’s a luxury actually. To be able to be who and what you feel like, still knowing that you will be loved and appreciated. All I want is to offer guidance, courage and safety when needed or in doubt.

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While taking these pictures we spotted a make- a -wish tree filled with wishes from children. The wishes of these children touched me deeply and made my heart bleed. Wishes like “I wish my parents would quit drinking” and “wishing to sleep in my own bed again” are not the kind of wishes that have ever existed in my reality, but unfortunately do in many children’s lives.

This Christmas will be a celebration specially for my daughter. Nothing makes us as happy as seeing her smile and have  good time.We as parents are crucial parts in what she will remember from her childhood and we want her to remember Christmas as the peaceful and joyful time it’s supposed to be. Happiness is not in things. Therefore, I will not overlap her experience of Christmas by getting her loads of gifts that will only confuse and overwhelm her. Being together, laughter, good food, love, traditions and safety is what she will remember, and that one thing I wish all children could get.

Wishing all of you a very merry and peaceful Christmas <3

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Pictures by Dora Dalila


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