Gloria Fashion Show 2016

Fashion,Outfit,Work,17 September 2016


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Had such a lovely and relaxing night yesterday. Loved meeting everyone, mingle, eat and laugh my ass off with the best avec Janita! A night out did me so good! Best of all? Being back to normal life reading books for my children at 6.30 am and baby sitting my sisters kids, all of a sudden feels lovely, calm and comfortable. Contrasts my friends. That’s what keeps it interesting. Even though I prefer this other side of the coin just a little bit more ;).

I wore a Burberry Porsum dress, Andiata blazer, Chanel bag and Gianvito Rossi booties.

Pictures by Janita Autio



Beauty,Work,10 October 2015

I am so excited to finally share the news. Earlier this week Lily Edit was launched, and I couldn’t be more syked. This is the missing part that now has made the puzzle complete. Lily edit is a media platform that offers fashion, beauty and true elegance. Personally I find it to be the perfect mix between blogs and magazines by offering high quality material without lacking personality.

I am happy to take part in Lily Edit by testing different beauty products and writing reviews. This time I tested four different mascaras and I sure found my true favorite. Find the complete text and review here!

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Pictures by Mikko Puttonen