green and clean

Fashion,Outfit,9 June 2018

Since poison green is my son’s favorite color I felt pressured to purchase this amazing silk ”blazer” when I stumbled upon it on sale. It’s the perfect kimono to pair with trousers or over a bikini, but since I have a weak spot for short lengths I thought why not wear it as a dress as well!

Right now, I’m spending my days in calmness and concentrating on all the things I’ve been longing to do this winter. I paint, yoga, watch series, plan new trips and adventures and meet up with friends. Really want to go to the movies as well, so if you have any experiences of what’s hot and what’s not, please share.

School is finished, and it feels awesome to have more free time. I’m planning to do some shorter mini trips this summer and first up is business mixed with pleasure. I’m travelling with my dear photographer so you’ll get to come with me in one way or another.

I’m also trying to get back to a good skincare routine and program. My face is looking a bit dull, so I’m thinking I should do some facials and update my products. Last night, I tried some new products I got recently and already found a new love. I love products that show results instantly! I’ll make sure to share everything about it later on. Have a great weekend!

dress hm// shoes iris&ink

sprinkled with hearts

Fashion,Outfit,6 June 2018

How cute isn’t this dress tho?! Crisp ruched cotton, puffy sleeves, flattering shape and the hearts, perfection! The heart print must fall into my top three categories of my favorite prints, along with leopard and dots. This dress reminds me of a time in my life when I used to wear stockings with hearts all over. What was I thinking?

Today it’s cold again and I wore my wool coat, jeans and boots. It feels surprisingly ok, because I’ve had some meetings and been editing pictures (in the most unergonomic position ever). I’m also starting a new painting project and invited my bestie over for some wardrobe detoxing. Got into another “perfect day to start a new project” wave again. Better cling onto those when they appear.

dress bikbokxelsahosk// bag longchamp// shoes converse// sunglasses mango// jewelry thomas sabo

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä