Fashion,18 September 2019

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Yesterday, I attended an event where we got to take part of a speech about sustainability. It’s a very interesting and complex subject. Not as easy as we would think, which is something I’ve learned and keep learning about at school as well. It’s the entire system that needs to change and purchasing from high end brands doesn’t say anything about sustainability, or at least not the production process. One thing is sustainable however, and that is NOT buying. Buy less and wear more… Way more than we do now. In that sense, high quality products become more sustainable, but only if we really wear them, pass them forward and really take advantage of the fact that the pieces are long lasting. Sustainable consumption starts from the individual, our behavior.

When I think about my own wardrobe that unfortunately is everything but sustainable due to the extremely fast rotation, I still think that my most timeless pieces get worn the most. My bags, coats, leather jackets, leather pants, denim, shoes etc. But I can’t say that it’s my most expensive pieces that get worn the most. Actually, it’s a mix between cheap underwear tops from chain stores, vintage jeans and luxury items. It’s items I wear on a daily basis and unfortunately, it’s not that gorgeous and shop stopping party dress I wear once or twice before I feel like it’s old news. All in all, it was eye opening and a very good reminder for me to keep in mind for my future purchases.

trench coat here 

Pictures: Janita Autio


Fashion,Motherhood,11 September 2019

To drop off the kids to daycare with shampoo foam dripping down your shoulders (congrats you got that far!),” brushing” your teeth with gum, shower every third day and the only hair many of us get is with an abundance of dry shampoo – seems to be pretty basic for many of us. Well today was definitely one of those days, and even though I finally took a shower after God knows how long, threw out the garbage that has been laying around in the hallway for more than a day and you know, tried to at least play the part of being myself, I still feel like I’m ready to delete this day from my calendar. Not my strongest mum day today.

Luckily, I’ve been busy doing things all day, and I’ve been more productive than I have in weeks. Thank you so much for your support. Your messages made me cry many times today. Not because they were sad (most were actually pretty funny and really made me feel less bad), but because sharing is caring, and I felt so happy and privileged to see how much we all want to be there for each other when we sense it’s needed.  It may be a cliché, but it’s true. At least for me. I hate feeling alone, so just knowing that there are more of us out there who fail every now and then, makes my mind feel lighter and hopeful.

knit Softgoat// pants Weekday// boots H&M// bag Chanel

Pictures: Juuli Rönkä