Fashion,8 May 2019

Sorry for being such a bad girl. No updates for days. Since last time, I’ve spent a fun weekend in a cold and windy London, worked, goofed around, regretted the goofing around and repeated. When I travel, I try to maximize my work input, sleep and focus on friend time. This time, we had too much fun to be responsible and go to bed on time and I ignored writing posts, answering emails and studying. Instead, I collected laughter’s, stories and you know, relaxed a little ;).

Today I’m in Stockholm for an event later tonight. I’m flying home to spend the night with the kids and attend Mother’s Day breakfast at daycare tomorrow morning. It’s super important to me. Especially because I’ve been so busy lately.

Even though London isn’t my favorite city, or at least it doesn’t make my heart jump like for example Paris, New York and Tokyo I loved it there. Our goal was to avoid phone booth pictures and other cliché’s and capture London from what we saw and experienced. We were close to failure but made it! Here are my first set of outfit pictures we took in the crossing, just outside our hotel. What I love is that me and Janita found back to our groove. Do you remember when Janita used to take all my outfit pictures? I wouldn’t trade Juuli for the world but miss Janita and our own way of working together. So happy to have these amazing creative souls in my life. They inspire me so much and make my work so much more fun.

blazer tiger of sweden// top hm conscious exclusive// jeans kappahl// boots hm// bag dior// sunglasses chloe

Pictures by Janita Autio


Fashion,23 April 2019

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Finally, back to regular life. I’ve cooked so many meals during these past few days, cleaned and played, it feels wonderful to get a little break from that for a second and roll up the sleeves and work in peace and quiet. It’s difficult to just pause everything for so many days in a row, but it’s rewarding in the other end when I feel like my kids feel content and re-loaded with attention.

We came back from the country side in the afternoon yesterday. Just so I would make it to my yoga class. I was good for about 5 minutes before I started to feel nauseous and out of breath. I had to leave in the middle of the 90-minute class. Luckily I feel better today, but still not normal. So, I’ve been trying to take it easy today. I had an appointment in the morning and then I’ve been solving unexpected problems and trying to re-schedule next week.

The highlight of my day was to meet up with my dear friend Janita, work side by side while having coffee together. We’re planning to travel somewhere together for a couple of days. I need sleep, undisturbed work hours and why not some friend therapy as well. And let’s face it, wearing summer dresses on sun kissed skin wouldn’t hurt either. It’s so much easier to create material somewhere where the sunlight is perfect all the time and every corner inspires in a different way than home. We’ll see where we end up going and when…

Now I need to leave to pick up the kids and prepare dinner for us and our friends who are coming over tonight. Maybe, we’ll stop by a museum as well on the way home.

hat gauhar// dress bymalina// bag zara

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä