Fashion,Outfit,12 September 2018

Just came back from a long power walk. I love walking! It’s the best way to spend quality time with a friend or listen to music or just do some brain work. Yesterday, I held an event with Newbie. It felt a bit weird being at the event surrounded with the cutest children and babies, but not my own. Being a mother in a very child friendly environment without having my own children present feels strange. It’s so easy to find comfort in your own kids, if you know what I mean? Everything becomes so much casual and relaxed with kids who run around and interrupt. It’s more serious and lonelier in a way to be alone as an adult. I’ve never created so deep and real friendships so fast, as I’ve done now as a mother with other mothers.

Now, I’m running downtown to return some borrowed clothes, where after I finally sit down for a quick lunch with my sister that I haven’t seen in months!

knit &otherstories// skirt kappahl// headband glitter// shoes gianvito rossi// bag louis vuitton

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä


Fashion,Outfit,10 September 2018

How was your weekend? I spent a couple of days at the cottage before we returned back home for Greta’s gymnastics and to get ready for this week ahead. Today, I only have one class at school, where after I run off to meetings.  

These pictures are from a couple weeks back when I was in Stockholm during fashion week. I visited &Otherstories and got to pick some samples from their newest collection and look around at their incredibly cool office space! I fell in love with this pom-pom knit and snake print dress. Also, these boots got so many requests on Instagram I feel the need to let you know that they are extremely comfortable to walk in! Zara’s shoes are very comfortable in general I think, but let’s remember I’ve tortured my poor feet in Louboutin’s for years. So, I might not be the most trustworthy source to give reviews.

Traveling with other influencers makes my work a lot easier, but it’s also a stressful environment to be in. Everyone constantly collects material for content and we’re all focused on our own followers. This day and moment was more relaxed. We walked downtown for some shopping and to visit a showroom. However, I couldn’t resist snapping some pictures of my outfit and although these café pictures kind of happened by mistake, they are my favorite ones from this trip. Real and honest and a beautiful moment to look back on.

My outfit is gifted by &Otherstories and Maryam is wearing Samsoe&Samsoe