The holiday

Fashion,Outfit,23 December 2018

This year, we are spending Christmas together with my part of the family. I wanted to make the most out of this holiday so last night I traveled to my aunt’s house outside the city. It reminds me of the house in the movie The Holiday. Cozy and simple, located in the middle of a snowy white landscape with horses close by.

Today, we woke up at 6am in complete darkness and now it’s beautifully blue outside. We’ll decorate the tree, play in the snow and I’m going to take a long walk later followed by a hot bath together with the kids. Tomorrow my mum and her husband come over, but other than that we’ll continue in this peace, calm and quiet.

How are you spending your holidays?

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On the other side of Paris

Fashion,Outfit,14 December 2018

I’m at the airport, stuffing my face with brie cheese and chips per usual. Everything one shouldn’t do right before a flight, but I’m lacking salt in my body and didn’t have time to eat properly before we had to leave. I’ve had a really good time and love Paris, but right now I’m feeling home sick and a bit low. Low because of bad taxi experiences on repeat that made us feel unsafe and low because of all the trash and destroyed nature I’ve seen during my past few days here. It makes me so sad to see how the sides of the highways look like landfills and how soda cans get thrown in the mixed waste at restaurants. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate my home country. Especially now when I have a family of my own.

Other than experiencing these eye-opening things, we’ve had a wonderful time. Paris delivered with its timeless beauty and elegance and as a cherry on top of the cake- sunlight. We walked around, worked a little, laughed a lot and caught up on sleep.

After landing in Helsinki I’m going straight to my in- laws for dinner, followed by a calm weekend with the kids. I can’t wait to hold them so tight and kiss their little cheeks!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Pictures by Juuli Rönkä