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interior,30 October 2019

While in Paris, I was thinking I’d share some interior inspiration for you to get inspired by. I’m thinking about our upcoming interior choices constantly and even though I have a very specific taste, there are still important decisions to make.  Last night when we tried to orientate ourselves to different shops and restaurants, I stopped in front of a window with apartments and houses for sale. Felt like I had come to interior heaven. Finally, apartments I get inspired by. Not only minimalistic Scandinavian décor.

I’d love for the overall feeling to be timeless, homey, respectful of the house, light and…French. French because I’m obsessed with the French architecture and think it’s so breathtakingly beautiful without being over the top. (hehe at least in most cases) I want my love for Paris to be reflected in my interior, so all my golden mirrors and chandeliers will have a nice new home to move in to with us ;).

Right now, I’m having coffee in bed while trying to answer a couple of emails and get ready for another day here in my favorite city. If you want more interior related posts, please let me know and I will deliver.

Someone shrunk my denim

Fashion,28 September 2019

So, since you always come with the best tips, I need to ask you: Where do you buy your favorite jeans? I really need to buy new jeans, because mine have shrunk in the wardrobe during summer ;). I want grey skinny jeans and blue relaxed ones with a higher or normal waist. Not too thick, but definitely not jeggings -like. This task is impossible, I think! I have found a perfect grey, loose fit pair already, but need more.

Hit me with your favorites!

dress, shoes and jacket Samsoe&Samsoe// bag and umbrella Chanel

Pictures: Juuli Rönkä