How to make your mornings successful… With kids!

Uncategorized,8 January 2020

How difficult can it be to just type some words? Very, it appears. Maybe because I feel like I talk way too much about myself in all my channels combined. It feels like I’m out of words when I log in here.

Since I don’t have much to tell you about the past two weeks that I’ve been more or less alone with our children, I’m taking this opportunity to tell you about my super empowering morning! It is so often that I drop off our children feeling like I’m not enough and like the morning was a big failure, therefore I want to embrace this wonderful morning we had today.

Our mornings are usually quite stressful and hectic like I imagine mornings are for most families with small children. It doesn’t really matter what time we need to be somewhere, but just the fact that we need to be somewhere and follow our regular routine is enough to get the pulse up. Today however, I sailed through our morning with ease, and that my friends, is something to celebrate. Our mornings have become much better ever since I’ve made a few simple changes. During weekdays, I have made a rule that our kids can’t watch tv in the morning and we eat oatmeal for breakfast. These two easy rules have made a huge difference!

So today, I managed to shower, get ready, blow-dry AND style my hair, play with the kids, hold them, prepare for work and get the kids ready just in time without any kind of conflict. Everyone brushed their teeth for 2 minutes and my daughter even changed her outfit once. No raisin my voice, solving of arguments or having to rush them. Mornings like these really make me feel super empowered and leave me with good energy for the entire day. So, in case you welcome some easiness into your mornings, here are my best tips:

1.No screen time

2. Same breakfast every weekday. Then, go nuts in the weekends with crispy waffles, omelets and smoothies ;).

3. Dress the kids before breakfast. And oh, I let my children choose what they wear as long as it’s weather and situation appropriate, so no pajamas or role-play outfits :).

4. Check the weather and place the outerwear ready.

5. Last but least, be a time pessimist. Give yourself more time than you actually need, because with kids… You get the point, right?



Fashion,8 December 2019

Maksettu kaupallinen yhteistyö Efva Attling:n kanssa// Paid collaboration with Efva Attling

I really don’t love getting gifts (I’m picky), but I love giving them and also, I love gifting myself. Most of the jewelry I have are gifts from me to me and that’s really why my jewelry make me feel so powerful and like myself when I put them on in the morning. They are emotionally attached to milestones, rewards, achievements or self-bribery ;).

In this post in collaboration with one of my favorite jewelry brands Efva Attling, I picked out my favorite pieces. The simple love knots are the perfect everyday pieces -both the necklace and the earrings. I love to wear mine with a simple white shirt and jeans. Always paired with the ear cuff of course. I’m just so obsessed with it!

The funky Ziggy earrings is a quite unique and surprising pick for me, but I instantly fell for them and imagined myself wearing them in several situations.  They can be worn in 3 ways, with the ear in-between the Zig’s (see it here), with the back part completely left out or how I’m wearing them in these pictures. I’ve worn these so much during the past couple of months styled with everything from chunky knits, leather pieces and fancy pancy dresses. I feel fun and daring in them, and they’ve given new life to my wardrobe basics.

This Christmas, I want quality over quantity, therefore I invest in gifts that speak to me and skip the ones that feel forced. How about you? In case you want to spoil either yourself or someone who deserves to be spoiled you now get a 20% discount with the code SOFIA20 valid online (here) and in store until 11/12. (not valid on charity jewelry).

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä