Relationship advice and zig zag

Uncategorized,17 August 2018

I’ve been wearing Mmissoni and Missoni for years and years. Already before I got married and had children. It’s so classic, although it’s known for its somewhat wild zig zag pattern, glittery texture and colorful mix. I was incredibly happy to get this Mmissoni set, since I’ve been praying to the fashion God to make me a fun and gorgeous maxi skirt just like this one. I love to wear this skirt with a knit for a more easygoing vibe, but this mix -match is also fun for a special event.

Today, I’ve been taking it rather easy. Fun brunch with one of my favorite colleagues Vilma and now I’m already done shooting. Later today, I’m going to spend the evening at my friend’s house eating pizza and gossip about everything and nothing. Perfect Friday night! Also, I’m going to give my husband a night off. It’s super important I think. To be generous with time. Give when you have the strength to do so, and take when you feel weak and tired. One of my best friend’s father once told me, that we shouldn’t always expect things to be split equal 50/50. Sometimes one person needs more, and the other has more to give. Let it come naturally. If both parts want to be generous and on the same team instead of competing against each other, time and life will make sure everyone gets what they need. The balance will come from handling each situation as it comes without being selfish. At least I believe so. Love.

set by Mmissoni (gifted)

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

My weekend

Uncategorized,13 August 2018

This weekend was the first weekend we’ve had since we came back from our summer holidays. It went by so fast, but we managed squeeze in lots of fun activities. On Friday, we took the kids to Allas sea pool for some afternoon swimming. I’ve never been there before, but loved it. Especially the sauna. On Saturday, we, together with five families from our daycare arranged a crayfish party outdoors (inside a playground) to take advantage of the Dine Under the Sky in Helsinki day. This way of dining works surprisingly well, since dining out with kids at this age can be a hustle.

Yesterday I wanted to get away, so we drove to my mum’s cottage to spend some time in the forest and just chill. I love rainy days and I find it especially nice when there’s thunder and lightning’s. So dramatic and nice.

This morning I kicked off the week by fasting before I visited the doctor for some blood work. I’ve suffered from daily headache for months now, so I’m finally having it checked out. It shouldn’t be anything serious, but I’m glad I finally went. Now I’m just about to take off and film a video for you guys, but first I need to stuff my face with some food and coffee!

outfit karl lagerfeld// sunglasses celine// boots anine bing// bag chanel

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä