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Fashion,Outfit,Travel,30 May 2018

Good morning! Feels amazing to be back home again after our family vacation. Felt good to disconnect completely and escape. Being surrounded with others who are on vacation is so soothing and relaxing itself. Love seeing other people enjoy, but it also feels comforting to see others run after kids and barely have time to finish a conversation at the dinner table before the kids interrupt or run off. Although I’m back home I’m going to try to stay zen. Whoever said social media workers can’t take time off? My advice is to “just do it”. Nobody owes anything to anyone. It’s only healthy to be selfish now and then.

This year, we returned to Mallorca. We stayed in Alcudia, but visited Palma as well. I loved Palma, except for the fact that we almost got robbed. Although I decided to take a break from stressing about staying connected I was quite active with my camera. So, from now on there will be a ton of vacation posts coming up! I even got hubs to snap a few pictures. Vacation seem to have done all of us good ;).

This is one of my beach looks. I prefer to wear black swimwear and by adding some bold jewelry the look becomes more fun. I loved wearing this lace dress over my bikini’s as a cover-up. Perfect way to get more use out of my party dress.

dress twinset// bikini and earrings hm// sunglasses gucci


Snaps from Edinburgh

Travel,28 March 2018

When I travel, I sometimes have the luxury to travel with the most amazing travel companions. Actually, most of the time, which I find to be one of the best parts of my job. Constantly getting to know new people can be exhausting, but as the people lover I am I try to see every opportunity as a chance to learn to know and understand and maybe even make new friends. At least, every new person I meet teaches me something new about myself. Something to keep in mind on those days when we feel anti-social and tired.

This time I didn’t only have a great time in a new beautiful city, I also got to work with new people I’ve never met before. Heikki for example, a super talent already and he’s only 19 years old! Reminds me once again how proud I am of this entire industry I am privileged to work in. Heikki takes incredible pictures and videos and is just generally a great guy. I kindly asked him to snap some pictures during our days in Edinburgh and so he did. Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous city. Thank you, Edinburgh, and the entire Balmuir crew for unforgettable days!

Pictures by Heikki Salonen