PJ’s and hair loss

hair,personal,22 January 2018

Spent most of this weekend in my PJ’s. I haven’t felt like myself ever since I had the stomach flu and also, I realized I’ve lost a ton of hair lately. Might have something to do with changing hormone levels after breast feeding or the fact that I haven’t taken my vitamins in a while? I’ve lost hair like this once before when I worked myself to the point of exhaustion in Japan ten years ago. It never recovered, but now I’ve lost even more. It’s not as obvious as right after pregnancy when the shower clogs up and you literally see the hair coming off. It’s more like I don’t get any new ones and it just mystically disappears. It’s a superficial issue that has roots in something I quite can’t figure out right now. For the first time in a while I can’t even blame stress. Unless, it’s reacting on delay. Anyone with knowledge or similar experiences about this?

However, I can’t do anything about it right now and stressing about it certainly won’t help, but I’m not joking when I say my ponytail is the size of one finger. Something has happened. Do you know if any hair strengthening supplement is helpful?

Anyways, school started today and I’m excited to roll up my sleeves again. Feels really good actually. It gives me balance and structure and I enjoy working in my own little bubble and overcome barriers I’ve built for myself. I think I’m always going to study in one way or another. Hoping to take more creative courses in the future as well. Painting would be wonderful and super therapeutic. Definitely goals for the future!

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

Influencer 2018

Outfit,personal,Work,9 January 2018

As this year just started and I’m thinking over my personal goals, dreams and plans in life, I’m also reassessing my work field and what I wish for myself in the near future. I’ve gotten some questions about the work I do, therefore I thought I’d scrap up some of my thoughts while lying in bed being ill. When it comes to what I do I don’t really know what I want or should call myself. An Influencer maybe, but that term is in my opinion a little bit hard to understand and define. Right now, my main occupations are modeling and creating online content. Mostly for my own blog and Instagram, but also for companies to use on their own platforms.

The influencer market is changing rapidly. More channels are available and there is more and more competition. Luckily, companies here in Finland are realizing the importance of social media today. I have chosen not to take on more channels than I can handle and focus on what I like and what works for me. My main focus is to inspire with pictures within the fashion and beauty area. I love Instagram, but put most lot of love and work into this blog which still is my main channel.

Trends I see coming this year are longer collaborations where a company and influencer takes the risk to invests in a longer collaboration or ambassadorship for a longer period of time. I really wish and hope that this way of working would become more popular because I honestly think that’s the most beneficial and fruitful form. At least in the long run. It’s a risk both for the company and the influencer to commit to each other for so long, but active engagement and sincere interest in the partner makes the collaboration more trustworthy and believable. Personally, I like to really get to know the company/product and invest my time, effort and emotions into it. I want to go over the company’s main goals for the collaboration and together work out a plan to work towards and achieve them.

I choose my collaboration partners extremely carefully! I say no more than I say yes and want every collaboration to feel accurate to the rest of my content and most of all you, my dear readers. Every collaboration is for you! Everything I do here is for you to take part off for free.

I hope collaborations would become more selective and exclusive. Buying the same visibility and content from many influencers all at once gets in my opinion a little too uninteresting and less personal and not trustworthy. I prefer collaborations that have selected only very few influencers they strongly believe in and want to identify themselves with. Branding is important for me, but also for the companies.

In case you’ve ever thought of becoming an influencer yourself my advice is that you should definitely give it a fair chance. Don’t give up, but be ready to work for free for some time and it’s important to understand it’s not all fun and games. Think about what interest you and how you would like to communicate your love and passion towards that to others. What’s your way to inspire? It can be anything from knitting, cooking, cats, gardening, décor you name it! Having a niche is good. Then choose what form you want to communicate in. Do you prefer YouTube, podcasts, Instagram, blog, snapchat, Pinterest, Facebook etc. Dream big and work harder and don’t care if you aren’t the biggest on the market. I strongly believe that smaller influencers are getting more and more important and valuable. Companies are realizing that smaller influencers might have the most loyal followers and targeted audience. That is worth gold.

If you have any wishes, thoughts or criticism about my collaborations or the work I create here in general, don’t hesitate to write either here or email:

Hoping for a great year also business- wise, both for myself and all of you!

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Pictures by Juuli Rönkä