personal,14 October 2019

Sometimes I keep what I promise ;)… So, the news we’ve been waiting a month to get got confirmed this morning. We are moving to a new home! We haven’t been searching for a new apartment because we love our home, but I guess you just know when you know.  I’m super excited, because this time, we’ll get to decide everything from scratch. The apartment is old and needs to be renovated quite a bit so it will take a year or two until we actually get to move in. But for now, let the renovation begin!

Summer take-aways

personal,18 August 2019

Here I am once again. Maybe for the last time this summer. The fields are golden, apples bright red and it smells like fall. Our perfect little summer house, where time doubles and my shoulders drop down from my ears. Where half of my heart is and the place my kids start longing for after Christmas. More or less, the” thing” my children associate with summer. Things I will try to take with me are:

-Daily walks. 30 minutes is better than nothing and running to school doesn’t count!

-Early bedtime. No later than 22.30.-Less screen- time. 1 hour allowed on Instagram with the exception when I have story collaboration.

-Less collaborations.

-More conversations with my husband about other things than schedule arrangements.-Get rid of toys. They really almost never play with them.

-Same breakfast every day. Giving oatmeal a new fair chance so that the entire family can eat the same thing together, and I don’t have to contemplate over what to eat.-Good skincare. Yes, even more thorough routine than I usually have! Might take me an hour or so ;)-Less hairstyling. Because I like the look and my hair loves it.

-Shop less and less. Already happening and I’m feeling good.

Pictures: Janita Autio