Fashion,Outfit,15 January 2018

Yesterday I managed to do a quick photo shoot with Mona. We have been planning to shoot for a while now, but you know how time just passes without anyone noticing? I’m happy we finally found the time, because we had fun and it’s always good to try new things.

This week I’m traveling back to Stockholm to shoot a fun campaign. I’m leaving on Wednesday and hoping to have time to walk around and enjoy the evening before it’s time to get to work. I even convinced one of my best friends from Gothenburg to come see me, so now we have a dinner booked at Farang. Can’t wait! Have you tried it?

Before I leave I have to dedicate lots of time to school, accounting and collaborations. New courses start next week at school and I decided to make a study plan for myself for this spring and next year. Planning gives me comfort; therefore, I should make more mind maps and plans when it comes to everything. However, I have to say I loved having this break over the holidays. Always makes me miss structure, but gives me the freedom to do other things I desire, like jumping on the metro and travel nowhere.

knit kappahl (gifted)// jeans mango// shoes nelly (gifted)// bag chanel

Pictures by Mona Salminen

She’s a snake

Fashion,Outfit,11 January 2018

Good morning! Finally, alive and healthy again. Although, yesterday I had to suck it up and perform at work from 7.30 to 5.30 pm. That is actually my best way to recover; stay in bed feeling sorry for myself for a day and when I feel a little better jump in the shower and carry on. Works almost every time ;).

This week baby number two started daycare. It’s an end of an era for me as a “stay-at-home- mum”, but he couldn’t be readier. Now there’s more time for me to study, work and take care of errands yet be more present at home with the kids. Maybe I should start working out more too? Tempting thought indeed.

Here we go with the snake dress again. Some of you said yes and some no. My husband didn’t like it, but he never does when it comes to animal patterns. I love animal patterns because I like the neutral tones and timelessness. Oh well, dressing is supposed to be fun right, so why not be a little silly and try something just for the fun of it? At least I love it and in the end that’s all that matters.

coat filippa k// dress andiata// boots zara// bag chanel

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä