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Fashion,Outfit,13 November 2017

What a Monday! Just got back home from shooting all day. I worked on a festive collaboration post coming up later this week and I’m so excited to share the pictures with you! Now I’m done going through the pictures (all 600 of them) and finally got time to sit down and post this quick update with you before it’s time to prepare dinner for the kids.

During these magical times around Christmas it’s ok to allow oneself to dream a little right? Dreams to me are super important. They give me direction and make it easier to visualize and understand my goals. It is crucial for me to dream within every area of life like family, work and studies. Both long term, but most importantly short term. I usually focus on a year, because it’s easy to evaluate afterwards and make changes here and there along the way. Dreams are great to have long term, but goals to me need to be within a near future otherwise I loose focus.

I’f you are interested in my materialistic dream list, I suggest to take a look at this little interview here, where I’ve shared my wish list ;).

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

Coca Cola

Fashion,Outfit,11 November 2017

Saturday morning and time to take it easy. Today I’m thinking of taking the kids to see the opening of Stockmann’s Christmas window and make gingerbread cookies. Perfect day to throw on my Christmas coat and get lost in all the magic. Actually, I might even bring in the tree.

Right now I’m struggling with writer’s block. I have so much going on yet so little to talk about. I miss talking to my friends about real life. At the same time I’m enjoying blogging like never before. Weird mix of feelings difficult to understand and explain, but true. On the other hand writer’s block is always a good thing. It challenges me to reassess and develop new ways of of thinking. Just like all kind of crisis in general.

coat tommy hilfiger//top and shoes zara// jeans lee// bag chanel//sunglasses gucci