Unstoppable and forever rocking

Fashion,Outfit,10 December 2017

Hi there! My life has completely been on hold for the last few days. Hubby came back home and I dived into the sea of IT and exam studies. Got a minor cold as well, so staying home has been a good and responsible choice. Exam week ahead next week which means I have to study day and night because I’ve missed so much throughout this semester. It’s okay though. I’ve learned to roll with this way of studying, knowing I have to maximize my effectiveness when I have the time.

Last week I met some of my wonderful friends that always inspires me and makes me realize women are unstoppable! We can do anything and we seem to also do so. Not saying that men can’t, but I so often hear about women who multitask themselves forward with success in every area-work, family life, education while takin care of logistics, food, home, clothes, sick-days etc. Therefore, I want to emphasize womanhood. I get super inspired and feel proud to be surrounded by strong, independent and most of all unstoppable women who take on so many responsibilities and seem to handle it so well. I know many of you do to. Bravo!

This new jacket of mine by RockandBlue will motivate me to pack my backpack and walk towards school to show what I’ve got regarding IT.

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Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

Lipstick and soft morning skin

Beauty,Fashion,Outfit,8 December 2017

Yesterday I had the luxury to lunch with lovely ladies and some extra ordinary gentlemen. It was the launch of Maison Margiela scents. Maybe it’s a small thing for human kind, but this event came to have a huge impact on my life, because I finally found what I now proudly call my personal scent. The name of it is Lipstick and it smells exactly like it with a hint of powder. It feels extremely feminine and glamorous, but what I like the most is that it’s soft and gives an impression of great personal scent rather than perfume.

I found other favorites as well- Lazy Sunday Morning with impressions of soft and warm skin and fresh bed linen as well as Beach Walk that makes me think of sun kissed salty skin and sunscreen. Different scents bring back so many memories and emotions and I love to have many options to choose from in the morning.

I highly recommend visiting Stockmann that carries the entire line holding both female, male and unisex scents. The bottles are gorgeous and perfect to give away as a gift, just in time for Christmas. Maybe a bottle of Fireplace is exactly what your darling need or why not Dancing on The Moon?

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Pictures by Juuli Rönkä