Motherhood,8 April 2016

Yesterday I enjoyed a wonderful brekkie while getting familiar with Stokke’s renewed baby carrier. Had a lovely time chit chatting with other mothers. Motherhood has opened up a whole different world introducing me to people going through the same kind of journey and struggles. Can’t be anything less than incredibly thankful and happy for the support, great advice and understanding I get from others. Parenting is overwhelming and intense but in the best way possible. Sharing experiences and discussing openly is something I find very important. We need each other. Unfiltered and without judgement. Everything feels easier and less intimidating if we have a hand to hold along the way.

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colic relief

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As soon as we visited the doctor to get some relief to Gabriel’s stomach problems we started giving him Rela drops. Rela drops are D-vitamin drops with added lactic acid bacteria. Before having children I had read about many studies showing lactic acid bacteria can give colic babies relief. That has now shown to be true in our case. I give him the recommended dose of 5 drops in the morning. The tube is great since it makes it easy to press out the drops on a spoon and into his mouth.

Our doctor recommended us to give him also Rela colic drops in the evening. I give him 5 drops right before bed with his last meal. After starting this Gabriel has little by little gotten much better! It has helped us significantly.

Lactic acid bacteria helps to decrease colic problems and crying. It has also been shown to help lessen throw up. It helps the intestines to digest and function and offers relief to constipation. It can also be used  to prevent colic.

In the beginning Gabriel cried almost all through the night. Now he wakes up much less and is a lot happier both during the day and night. He seems to have gotten relief to his stomach pains which in turn makes my mommy heart very happy.

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