My Mini Me

Post in collaboration with Zalando// Postaus kaupallisessa yhteistyössä Zalandon kanssa

It might not be huge for human kind, but this post I’m about to write is a bigger deal for me than I thought. Every time I let my thoughts wonder and reflect over motherhood and my kids, I get emotional and sentimental. It’s like I go back in time and see their growth in fast forward and realize how borrowed this time is before they grow up and move on. I already hear myself telling them “you’re 2 and 4 years old once, don’t hurry to the next age too fast.”

As you know I’ve decided not to feature my children here on the blog or in any other of my social media channels. I don’t have any specific motives not to expose them, but since I was unsure of why I should, I decided to listen to my gut and keep them privat along with the rest of my family and friends. However, motherhood is such a big part of my life and changed me for good – as parenthood always does.

Mother’s Day is coming up and although I’m extremely grateful towards my own mum I can’t help myself from celebrating my own motherhood and everything it has given me.

This post is dedicated to my first born, my daughter, my little princess. When she entered my life, she added color to my world I never knew existed and changed life as I knew it. She has given me purpose and meaning and taught me lots of new things about life. She took away selfishness in a blink of an eye. She was the answer to  most of the things I was lacking answers for.

Today she’s 4 years old and I’m so grateful for the moments and memories we have together so far. She has become her own little individual, yet she reminds me so much of myself. She is my soul mate and my greatest teacher.

Todays shooting for Zalando was extremely anticipated as all the one on one moments with her are. We planned and talked about our day together all weekend and I picked her up from daycare early. Then we did what we like to do the most: indulge in sweets, talk, giggle and cuddle. My Mini Me and I.

Zalando has a beautiful and wide selection of children’s clothes and shoes. We ordered our mommy-daughter outfits here and here to make this day even more special and memorable.

Get straight to Greta’s dress here, my dress here and shoes here!

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

relax it’s Monday

Fashion,Health,Motherhood,Outfit,27 November 2017

Starting this week slowly and in the best way possible. Been single parenting for a week and today my other half is finally back. I’ve handled everything well and that I’m proud of. Being able to study, work and perform well at home is a handful, but sometimes manageable, it seems. Strict rules and routines for both me and the kids is what keeps us all sane. Here is a list of short and easy tips I try to follow to stay organized:

Set a bedtime. Not only for the kids, but most importantly for yourself. My bedtime is 10 pm sharp. By then I have to be in bed. Although, I allow myself to scroll through Instagram, read or listen to a podcast for fifteen minutes or so.

Make lists. Every night I make a list of my most important to- dos for the next day.

Focus. When it’s time to complete the tasks of the day I turn off everything. I don’t look at my phone and try to focus on what I need to be focusing on whether it’s school work, emails, blog or accounting.

Time off. When you’ve planned to be off mode, do so. I work when my kids are at daycare and with the nanny. When I pick them up I cook, play and try to be present. Of course, I also take care of chores at home, but I don’t work. When the kids are asleep for the night I open my lap-top and check off some more of my tasks for the day, but only for an hour or so.

Go out and invite friends over. Isolation is not my thing. I go crazy if I sit home for an entire day with the kids. No matter how tired or unsocial I feel I force myself to get out. Jumping in puddles, visit the library, shop groceries or invite to playdates. I love inviting friends over, but I have a rule not to put pressure on myself to clean before. No-one cares if it’s perfect or not. It never is anyways.

Minimize pressure. If life gets overwhelming I always downgrade and simplify. I choose to lower the standards and demands. When I’m alone I concentrate on the kids and try to work less. Luxury of being my own boss and an entrepreneur I know, but I let myself recharge and then I work twice as hard and much when I feel I can. When I have an exam week I order food or cook in larger batches and let the kids watch a movie. No-one is at their best hundred percent of the time. Good enough has to be and is good enough at times.

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